Proactive Quality Assurance

Payer groups and referral sources want to know what to expect when referring patients to you or your network. It is time to face reality - the cost of the care you provide is already used to profile you against your competition. Health plans, referring physicians, and employers want to know about the quality of your services, if your treatment follows proven guidelines of care, and if you are taking steps to manage utilization on your own. CareConnections gives you the tools to implement a proactive quality assurance program and to recognize areas that you can improve as an individual therapist, as a clinic, or as a network of providers.

"Pay for Performance" is a healthcare initiative that looms on the horizon, so isn't it important to know sooner rather than later how you are performing compared to other providers nationally?

Therapeutic Associates Inc. (TAI) has invested years of clinical experience and expertise, along with extensive research and development into creating tools that will help providers maintain clinical efficiency and the highest degree of service to patients, referring physicians, health plans, and employers. Through CareConnections, TAI's clinical practice guidelines, clinical outcomes system, patient satisfaction measurement tool, and prior authorization / advice system are now integrated into one very powerful suite of services for you to use.

What is CareConnections like for providers?

Therapy Clinics

Using CareConnections is as easy as purchasing an airline ticket on the Web. The CareConnections Web site can administer the entire set of selected services for you. Simply make a brief online initial registration by entering insurance information and clinical baseline status. CareConnections will return authorization and treatment guidelines. It takes about 5 minutes and can be done at any time.

Subsequent requests for care are just as easy to enter but are often unnecessary due to CareConnections’ “smart” application of initial authorizations based upon the patient’s initial clinical status. Providers also gain printable or electronically storable documentation as records for their coordination with claims submission.

Every quarter you will receive clinical outcome and patient satisfaction reports that compile data from patient registrations. These reports can help to improve patient care, to determine therapist continuing education needs, to assess their performance, to market your practice, and to benchmark your capabilities and services with your professional peers.

Physician's offices

The CareConnections system eliminates elements of referral coordination and ongoing management of requests for therapy care. Appropriate frequency and duration of care (per established treatment guidelines, written by and for physical therapists) are applied initially to avoid additional paperwork, phone calls, and potential delays in patient treatment or discharge. Doctors need only refer the patients for care with their usual goals for return to function. CareConnections will then advise and help the therapists to achieve the desired outcome by giving them valid tools for measuring the patient’s progress, which can then be reported back to the referring physician.