Manage Therapy Referrals with Active Controls

CareConnections Prior Advice/Authorization System (PAS) bridges the administrative gaps among patient, therapy provider, and payer while assuring the right care is delivered at the right time within acceptable parameters of quality and coverage.


  • Web-based, real-time authorization of services
  • Customizable algorithms for treatment expectations
  • Quantified, best-practice treatment guideline recommendations
  • Authenticated and encrypted security

Authorization of services or advice to the clinician all happens through Web-based interaction, 24/7, without the costs of the usual paper chase. Authentication and encryption protect the process, while virtually instantaneous replies are supplied to caregivers consistent with best practices. Time is money, and utilization controls are a must to keep the rising costs of healthcare in check. The right care is the right answer. Link it all together with the PAS system at CareConnections.

Integration with other CareConnections Products

Using PAS, Payers can set up their custom algorithms for advising clinicians of treatment expectations per patient condition. Then the Therapeutic Associates Clinical Practice Guidelines and components of the CareConnections Outcomes System (formerly TAOS) help determine the best practice for a condition, but allow the therapist the ability to apply care and specific expertise. Provider networks can demonstrate their value-added services to their customer payers, or payers can better manage the utilization of services by their contracted panel of clinicians.