Measure Efficacy of Care

Image of Therapeutic Associates Outcomes System Cover

CareConnections offers a program of measuring the results of clinical care. Since 1996, the CareConnections Outcomes System (formerly TAOS) has collected clinical outcomes data from providers across the United States. The system facilitates the benchmarking of functional improvement, decrease in pain, perceived improvement, and return to work. CareConnections allows clinicians and health plans to determine what their patients gain from the use of therapy services.

To assess value, you need to assess quality of care. CareConnections can:

  • Provide reporting by clinician, practice, or provider panel
  • Assess care by anatomical group, diagnosis, or patient acuity level
  • Report results by payer, PPO, or even the type of insurance (Health Plan, Work Comp, PIP/MVA/PNC)

If you are a provider, medical director, or network developer - anybody who needs decision-making criteria concerning the value of therapy services - CareConnections makes it possible.

System Features:

  • Diagnostic-specific functional information
  • Provides outcome data appropriate for outpatient rehabilitation setting
  • Includes five data points: Utilization, Functional Index, Pain, Improvement, and Lost Work Days
  • User friendly for patient and therapist
  • Quarterly reports compare your clinic to a national database
  • Individual therapist reports
  • Online access for data collection and viewing reports
  • Adaptable for single clinic or network data groups

CareConnections Platform includes Outcomes, Patient Satisfaction, and coming soon, the electronic version of our 4th edition Clinical Practice Guidelines

No setup fees, no location fees
Clinician per Tax ID Cost per Clinician Total Cost per Year Discount
1 $250.00 $250.00 0%
2 $250.00 $500.00 0%
3 $237.50 $713.00 5%
4 $225.00 $900.00 10%
5 $212.50 $1,063.00 15%
6 $200.00 $1,200.00 20%
7 $187.50 $1,313.00 25%
8 $175.00 $1,400.00 30%
9 $162.50 $1,463.00 35%
10 $150.00 $1,500.00 40%