Define Pathways of Appropriate Care

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The CareConnections Clinical Practice Guidelines:Examination and Intervention for Rehabilitation - 3rd Edition are the maps therapists need to work through the most common patient conditions. Over 100 diagnosis-related treatment patterns simultaneously give clinicians guidance and payers assurance upon which medically-appropriate care can be measured.

Download Sample Guideline
Download a PDF of our Shoulder Sprain/Strain Guideline.

Practice-Enhancing Features:

  • 107 clinical guidelines covering orthopedics, neurological, and medical diagnoses
  • Written, edited, and updated by practicing clinicians
  • Total patient management from initial examination to discharge criteria
  • Functional and clinical goals for each phase of treatment
  • Suggested frequency for each phase of treatment, goals, and outcomes
  • Indexed by diagnosis and ICD-9 codes
  • Cross reference/terminology matched to APTA's Guide to Physical Therapist Practice
  • Guideline summaries for marketing and educational reference
  • Bibliography with each guideline for additional reference

Quality Care/Optimal Outcomes

It is a wide world of therapy out there. The boundaries of care are not always clear. What gets the patient better? What are the right tests and measures? What clinical interventions and care types are indicated? What outcomes should be expected? Too many questions? Clinicians and payers alike need a place to start.

Now in its third printing, the CareConnections Clinical Practice Guidelines are the basis for providing good quality care and appropriate utilization of services, which leads to the optimal outcome desired by the patient and insurer. Organized by anatomical region and cross referenced by ICD-9 code, the Guidelines are easily used by clinicians. Coding of interventions assists therapists with billing and assists payers with claims adjudication.

Integrated into CareConnections Online

These detailed yet universal treatment patterns can be electronically conveyed through the CareConnections Prior Advice/Authorization System (PAS) to providers wherever a Web browser is found. If you need to start answering questions about examination, tests, measures, interventions, outcomes, criteria for discharge, or considerations for additional treatment, let the CareConnections Clinical Practice Guidelines be your resource.

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